Controlled Growth and Development

Recently, we have seen how rapid development within a community can bring with it crime and uncontrollable congestion. That is why, as Senator, I will promote an environment of responsible, slow growth that protects property values for homeowners, encourages local-owned businesses, reduces the need for additional taxes on our residents and enact policies that protect our county residents from the overreach of ‘power-grab’ annexations.


Safe Communities

As Senator, I will ensure our officers, first responders and local leaders have the resources they need to safeguard our homes and families at the highest level, provide rapid and reliable response times when needed and improve our fire ratings that will result in lower insurance costs for current and future residents.


High Achieving Schools

Our schools that make up District 1 are worth replicating throughout our state and I will ensure these schools we pride ourselves on have the funding and resources they need to remain competitive and build upon the continued success that has allowed us to become a leader in the educational footprint in Mississippi.


Planned Infrastructure

We must make certain we have adequate infrastructure in place to accommodate any future development and additional traffic. We must shore up the existing infrastructure of the roads we travel daily so that they don’t become a concern for others. In order to do so, I intend to work alongside our local, state, and federal leaders to devise a plan that will sustain us for years to come.


This office will have a significant impact on these and other areas that affect our families. My greatest concern is to leave a more prosperous and brighter future for generations to come. With your help and support, I look forward to watching and contributing to the success of our residents and the legacies we leave behind.